“Even differences prove helpful, where there are tolerance, charity and truth.~Gandhi

Self-Determination!  YOU design your own solution at the table, one that is satisfactory to all without a Judge or Jury.  That’s why we think Mediation is the best process.

Peaceful Resolutions LLC

Conflict Resolution is a Collaborative Effort

It takes courage to come to settle your dispute ... and we provide the safe environment for you to be heard. 

We help manage conflict more effectively within Companies Or Between Parties in General and Civil Court Cases.  Individuals, Business Partnerships, Business Contracts -- Whatever your conflict, we facilitate your being Heard, allowing You to Reach an Agreement.


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We Look Forward to Working with You,

To Provide A Peaceful Resolution.

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Our Goal

Art by Roderick MacIver of herondance.org

2007 Reprinted with Permission, The Justice Center of Atlanta Inc.